Sunday, June 7, 2015

An Introduction

The internet has been a great source of information, and as a musician, its endless provision of references (old and new, obscure and popular, domestic and international) never fails to amaze me. But this abundance also tends to get overwhelming. I absorb, absorb and absorb, but my own thoughts—my own words—are reduced to sets of 140 characters. I have been an avid Tweeter for the past 4 years, and although Twitter and other social media outlets are unquestionably useful for sharing promotional purposes and quick thoughts, the urgency to speak more (in addition to "speaking" through music, as I have been doing for quite some time) has recently become more apparent. 

It is this sense of urgency that triggered me to set up a platform for writings about Maverick's music and personal contemplations. In a sense, this blog will function as a journal of Maverick's progress. 

I will update this blog as frequently as possible, so I hope you'll stick around. Whoever you are.


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